Mr. Tod's History

Baby Tod with caption Mr. Tod's First Day at WorkMr. Tod's industrious spirit can be credited to his mom who often worked several jobs to provide for him and his two brothers. She married his stepfather, a military man, when Mr. Tod was 7 years old. His stepfather reinforced the notion of a good work ethic and discipline, already instilled in him by his mother. With dreams of becoming an FBI agent or a lawyer, Mr. Tod majored in Criminal Justice and Political Science at the University of Richmond, where he also played football. He was the first in his family to attend and graduate from college.

Prior to entering college, Mr. Tod spent his summer as an intern with a local baker in Northern New Jersey. After college, he worked for Metropolitan Life as an account representative where he learned the corporate structure, how to build client relationships, and to hone his sales skills. After a brief stint with MetLife, Mr. Tod went onto to become one of the largest distributors at the same bakery he interned for. As his customer base grew, Mr. Tod saw the need for a speedier, more reliable way to meet the expanding demand for his products. Now Mr. Tod is in total command of manufacturing, quality control and distribution.

Mr. Tod's long-term goal for Mr. Tod's Pies is to make the company's name as household as Sara Lee and Entenmann's. Though all his pies are tasty and delicious, the main seller by far is the four-inch sweet potato pie. It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but the taste is big enough to satisfy the largest of appetites. All pies come in either a four inch or ten inch size.

The delightfulness of Mr. Tod's Pies is only rivaled by the good nature of Mr. Tod's disposition. With a smile that is contagious and a jovial laugh, Mr. Tod maintains a personal relationship with his ever growing list of satisfied retail customers, restaurant and shop owners. A determined, resilient attitude mixed with a quality product smells like sweet success for Mr. Tod's Pies.